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Christmas in Maastricht

This city is at its prettiest at Christmas time. You can walk under a halo of lights from the station all the way to the Vrijtof where you will find the Maastricht Christmas market.

You might have seen the Christmas Market from the walkaround we did during our live event! If you want to check it out, here is this link to the facebook video

Once you're at the Market, there is lots to do! Begin with a spin around the ice rink- its the perfect way to fall over and look like an idiot in front of your Dutch friends who miraculously can all skate perfectly. The Netherlands is so flat that in winter a lot fo the canals and fields used to freeze, creating perfect skating rinks. The Dutch team has also won lots of medals in the speed skating at the winter olympics, so its a point of pride that lots of people here can skate really well.

Don't let this hold you back- you now have lots of people to hold on to in case you start to slip! And if this means you're there with a date, and they really really need to hold your hand in order to keep you from falling over, then I guess that's just your lucky day. However, if you don't want to fall, you could always convince a friend to push you round on one of the seal seats for kids

Ice skating on the Maastricht Christmas Market

Once you have made an adequate fool of yourself on the ice, grab a glass of chocomel and warm up before getting onto the ferris wheel. Even if it is a very foggy night, the view from the top of the wheel is beautiful, like lots of hazy lights beneath the clouds. On clear nights its even better- you can see all the way accross to the other side of the river!

Do we have a photo to show you of the view? No. Both your content editor and social media gal are scared of heights, so whilst we ventured to the top of the wheel, neither of us dared to take our hands off the handle in the middle. But trust us, it was pretty, even over the sounds of Amanda's terrified screaming.

After you've enjoyed spinning round the ferris wheel, grab a glass of Gluhwein and snuggle up around one off the tables in the Dickens Village or Santa's Grotto.

Doing all the activities at the market can get a little expensive, so we recommend finding the social deal online that gives you access to the skating rink (plus hire of skates), the ferris wheel and two drink tickets for just 11,50 euros. This is much cheaper than paying for everything individually! Though be careful, a Gluhwein costs 1,5 tickets, so bear this in mind before you start buying too many chocomels.

Look how gorgeous this Christmas Market is!

Maastricht Christmas Market


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