• Grace

Events for the New Year

Hey guys! Hope you have had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Whether you need to get back into that party atmosphere, or are shaking off the resit week vibes, here are the best events for the next week in Maastricht.

Number 1: Funky Friday

When is it: Friday 11th, 22:30, at The Lab.

This is a welcome-back-to-Maastricht event hosted at the popular student bar The Lab. No entrance fee, cheap cocktails and funk music= perfection.


Number 2: Mandril's UV Painting work day

When is it: Saturday 12th, 12:00 - 21:00 at Mandril Cultural and Political Centre

If you think you're any good at art, or just a very enthusiastic newbie, then let the Mandril people know that you'd love to help out painting with UV paint this Saturday!


Number 3: Studium General lecture on Donald Trump

When is it: Monday 14th, 20:00, Minderbroedersberg 4-6

Something a bit more educational- a discussion about the presidency of Donald Trump, and how maybe he fits into American history better than we think.



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