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Student Friendly Business- BABS

There are two burrito places in Maastricht, and we love them both equally. Both will be featured here, but we are beginning with BABs because they let me wear a sombrero and made my day.

BABs stands for Bomb Ass Burritos.

Buh-ri-tohs. Need I say more?

Yes I should say more, because they do more than just burritos! Tacos, burrito bowls, amazing nachos, and salads as well. And the coolest thing? They will deliver this delicious food right to your door.

The best bit about this place is that the serving portions are HUGE. Have you ever wanted to eat Mexican food 4 meals running? You could probably make it just with one burrito from BABs. Once you have paid, everything is included, so fill up that baby with all the black beans you can. Fancy stuff like mango guacamole might be a little bit extra money, but awesome homemade sauces like their Smokey Honey BBQ are already included, and trust me that stuff is good.

There is lots of space to sit, free WiFi and a whole table full of different types of spicy sauce, for your own customisation of your Mexican treat. Also, if you haven't tried it yet, try out Supreme Nachos as a study snack.


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