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Student Friendly Business- Bim&Bap

In between the law faculty and the SBE is one of the best food places we have found in town.

Bim & Bap is a Korean fusion restaurant owned by Koreans that take their inspiration for food from other Asian countries to serve you some of what you already know mixed with something new.

Besides of course the Bibimbap there are many other things to order, but our deciding factor to put it on the list is their €5,50 lunch deal. For this small price you can get one of three options. Mandu with rice and Kimchi soup, Korean spicy chicken wings with rice and Kimchi soup, or Gimbap and Kimchi soup. When you’ve just come out of a lecture on Economics or European Law, this is exactly what you need.

How do we know the food is so good? Because when we went on an afternoon stroll to investigate all these hidden spots, they were kind enough to give us some delicious Kimchi soup. Everyone working there is lovely, and the waitresses speak excellent English. They were really enthusiastic about having more students try out Korean food, and we cannot recommend this enough.

Good food? Yes please


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