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Student Friendly Business- Gelatieria Candiero

Gelateria Candiero has the best ice cream in Maastricht.

Down the pretty ivy-covered Koestraat is Gelateria Candiero. Proper Italian gelato, super friendly staff and crazy flavours inspired by cocktails and the tea shop down the street. It is just as cheap, but you know that you’re supporting a cool and upcoming business that is making some truly delicious ice cream.

the best damn ice cream in the city

The flavours are ever-changing with each new option better than the last. Some of our favourites are the ice cool lemon sorbet, a very boozy white russian (combine your dessert and aperitif!) and finally, my dream come true as a British girl, Earl Grey flavoured ice cream.

Some of these wonderful creations have come about from Candiero's collaborations with the other cute eateries along Koestraat- it was the partnership with TeaZone that lead to the Earl Grey- but other mad flavours like "Sinaasappel en kurkuma" (orange and turmeric) or Ricotta and Sicillian Mandarin are straight from the genius minds of the Candiero crew.

Do you want more???? They have vegan/ lactose intolerant options! Their spoons are biodegradable! They can turn any of their ice creams into a milkshake! They can make you a Gelato cake!

If even this hasn't convinced you, then you just need to chill out. Maybe an ice cream would help with that?

Find Gelateria Candiero at Koestraat 10, on Instagram at @gelateriacandiero or on Facebook at @gelateriacandieromaastricht

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