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Student Friendly Business- Oila!

Down a tiny secret side street is one of the best and most unique places in the city, run by Petra and Diane. They are both lovely, and Petra can talk to everyone in one of her seven languages. Not only that, but she makes the best treats- especially good for those who are Gluten free or even Vegan. They taste so amazing that you would never know about the substituted ingredients unless you are told- healthy and delicious?! Yes! Also available is some lovely cold and hot drinks. To find them, head down the side street Sporenstraat and try to spot this cute concept store. Filled with all kinds of things you never knew you needed- retro superhero prints, colourful earrings, vintage clothes- this little shop is as delightful as it’s owners.

Also, they have the most delicious lemonade, in flavours like Nojito and Virgin Pina Colada, so you can sit in a cosy corner of the shop with a friend or two whilst you refresh yourselves after a long morning of shopping. Or you can get some studying done with the free WiFi. The best part? Students get 10% off already super cheap prices.


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