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Student Friendly Businesses- StudentBikeMaastricht

Near Plein 1992 is a savior for all international students. We are not to be blamed for having never grown up around bikes... but even though it's not your fault that fixing a tire isn't a skill you've had since you were 6, how are you going to make your bike rideable again?

The answer is the delightful team at StudentBikeMaastricht. They can sell you a bike for really cheap prices, though be safe in the knowledge that it wasn't stolen (you'll still be on Santa's good list, don't worry). If you buy a bike from StudentBikeMaastricht, it will be under warranty for the first month. They can also fix your bike, with everything from a new saddle to a simple tire change. Though beware, you might get a laugh or a rolling of the eyes if you've dragged it to their door after trying to fix it yourself with duct tape and zip ties.

Check out their website for prices,http://www.studentbikemaastricht.nl/, message them on Facebook, or wander over for a chat with Arthur Soghomonyan, the owner, at Hoogbrugstraat 60A, 6221 CS Maastricht.


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