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Valentines Day Suggestions

Valentines Day is coming up! Whether you’re trying to break out of Maastricht Syndrome, or you and your mate/date just want to spend an evening being cute together, these are our suggestions that will keep you happy, in budget, and most importantly warm. It’s February, it’s freezing, scenic walking routes and restaurants with terraces will be suggested when we have regained feeling in our feet.

Unique places to visit

Natural History Museum- Microsculpture exhibit

Want to do something a bit different? This is the answer and damn is it a good answer.

Unless you’ve gotten very lost on your way to the ICL, we are guessing you haven’t come across the natural history museum of Maastricht. Right now it is hosting the microsculpture exhibition, an incredible project by british photographer Loven Bliss, who creates the most in depth and visually stunning photos of beetles you’ve ever seen.

To create them, the photographer has to make a composite of up to 10,000 images. This means they are displayed as 3 metre wide photos, just to show you all the detail that has been captured. Even if they might be scary when you think about them as creepy crawly bugs in real life, you’re sure to find them beautiful when you can see their delicate features and stunning colours.

Entrance is 6 euros if you have your student card, and on Thursday 14th they are open until 17:00. Perfect if you want to still go and have dinner afterwards. The address of the museum is De Bosquetplein 7, just 100m away from the ICL.


Yes, Pathe and Euroscoop are nearby but we highly recommend that you check out Lumiere. The arts cinema is beautiful- high ceilings, wooden beams, golden light. You would never need to be nervous about going on a date here. Worried about not having anything to say? Who cares, your date will be struck speechless by the wes anderson feel of this place, and by how gorgeous you look in the candlelight.

Student tickets are 6,50 so find a fancy film to watch, don’t bring in popcorn because this isn’t that sort of place (your mymaastricht bloggers have made the mistake before), and get there early enough to enjoy each others company in the restaurant cafe. There is a student discount on some dishes too! Whilst it isn’t the cheapest place to eat, their street food, pasta dishes and salads are all a little cheaper than normal, and it is worth it for such a cute location.


Cucina 50

If you’re not suffering from Maastricht Syndrome too badly, you might go on a date *gasp*. And when your date asks “hey cutie, got any ideas of where to go for dinner”, you will want to have this up your sleeve. With a beautiful 20% discount for students on all pizza and pasta, this sweet but swish Italian is the place to be. With that discount, a huge delicious pizza in this cute and cosy little restaurant on Stationsstraat, you are sure to have a good night.


The whole of Koestraat is lovely, but there is a sneaky seating section right at the back of Rumors that is truly perfect for Valentines day. Only two or three tables, candle lit, and much more private than the main space (which is still lovely).

Rumors does great cocktails that are a good price for the quality. If you want something pretty that doesn’t have alcohol in it, try the rose lemonade, which looks just as pretty as a cocktail in a crystal glass with rose petals floating on the surface.

It might be a little expensive as dinner (although the plateaus are more reasonably priced) but if you’re just looking for a few bites with your drinks then let me suggest to you the tapas. Personal favourites, for a good balance of food quantity vs money (we are students after all), include the garlic bread, bread with Aioli/ Tapenade/ Beetroot dip, dates wrapped in bacon, and the rich juicy chorizo baked in red wine. You could even order all of those dishes and it would still only be 10 euros each.

Something a little different

The university is offering a lecture. It’s about love, sex and relationships, and how they’re changing in the era of consumerism and #metoo. It’s linked to a theatre play that’s going on, and there will be experts talking about different topics, as well as a game to break the ice.

It’s certainly different, if the museum exhibition wasn’t out there enough for you. Perhaps not the sexiest event that’s going on in town that night, but if you feel like a deep discussion on how polygamy is affected by social media, then here is the place to go. One added benefit- it’s the only thing on this list that is completely and utterly free. (We would be suggesting romantic moonlit strolls or picnics on St Pietersberg, but it’s snowing as I write this, so I‘m sticking to things that are indoors.

For the single pringle

Are you single? Are you sad that everything on this list has been a partner activity? Are you an independent-woman-who-don’t-need-no-man but would still like to do something fun on Valentines day?

Our funky friend Kaleido is organising a speed dating event at the commons restaurant. Regardless of orientation, this is the way to beat Maastricht Syndrome and have an awesome night. There is also a “just friends” category, if you are already paired up but want to support a single pringle friend. Speed dating lasts from 20:00-22:30, followed by a party by DJanBe. Everyone will be under 30 and down to have fun. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the love of your life, or maybe you’ll party until dawn and not remember anything in the morning. Either way, come get involved for 6 euros.


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